Increase your performance while decreasing pain.

With Perth's only PT using Active Release Technique, Postruology and Stretch to Win.

My name is Dave Bayens


I'm a Personal Trainer and Therapist working from Goodlife Myaree.

From working with 1,000's of clients I have discovered what gets people in shape without leaving them tight, injured, starving and hating training. 

Currently I work with PT clients, run group training classes and see clients for Stretch to Win and posturology to improve movement, posture, strength and decrease pain. 

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How I steal your “prospects”


An awkward school boy about to ask a girl to dance   “Um excuse me, would you like to dance”   “No thanks I’m fine standing here listening to Hanson”   Yep that actually happened to me   Year 9, the first time I asked a girl to dance   Don’t think I asked again…

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Why do people train with me?!?!


Man I used to think this too   One of my trial members said this was the single biggest limiting factor in her business right now   Lack of confidence DESTROYS trainers   Makes them underprice and overwork themselves   Causes stress because you think all your clients will leave you   Time to turn…

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In search of the bubble butt


Why you can’t switch on your glutes And what to do about it Over the last few weeks some of my PT clients have been doing a group training session The “bubble butt crew” My partner even got me to photograph her butt the other day to track progress haha This can be purchased from…

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