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How I beat rajastan royals


And why you should STOP focusing on your GOALS, Ever played the game stick cricket on Iphone? Well it pretty much got me through a 20 hour trip home from the states Basically your a stick with a cricket bat And you need to chase down whatever the other team made Sometimes your chasing 100…

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Why are you on my email list?


No I don’t mean that you gave me your email at some point Why are you really here? Here’s the honest truth My BIGGEST frustration as a trainer is working with clients who arn’t MOTIVATED Clients that piss and moan about EVERYTHING Do nothing to change Drain my energy And unlimately get NOWHERE Fitness is…

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In search of Neo


Stay with me on this one, I’m going to get a little DEEP   More more more   It’s what we always want   More money   More clients   More success   More love   More likes   I started this online program with the idea I could have MORE people to work with…

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