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My name is Dave Bayens a personal trainer like you and a certified crepe eater.

You can read a bit more about me here, don’t judge me for wearing lycra and using bosu balls.


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  • Dave and the girls

    Just want to say thank you so much for an amazing session today, absolutely loved it and loved the team environment. Can’t wait to see where we are at in 6 months time, you are inspiration and such a great coach!


  • Sarah Abs


    Working with Dave stopped me from leaving an industry I had become increasingly disheartened & frustrated  by. Through his mentoring  he showed me I AM the trainer I thought I wanted to be & had given me the confidence to express this through the service I provide.

    Sarah- Sinss PT

  • IMG_0002

    “F#*k you”

    Title of email received from satisfied member Justin after doing one of the workouts provided monthly.

    Justin- Peak Results Personal Training

  • IMG_3654

    “What I have learned from Dave has allowed me to completely reshape my personal training business into something that makes me genuinely excited. The support I get from him in terms of helping my clients get results and running my own successful personal training business is unparalleled.

    Margs- FPT Personal Training

  • DSC00850

    “Since receiving the emails and being involved with Dave this year I have felt 10x more confident as a trainer. He is there for knowledge, support, and even just as an ear to listen to your frustrations. Always sends an email when I need it the most.”

    Rachel (after a gruelling session)