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Hi my name is Dave, I’m a personal trainer trying to change the fitness industry. Because….

There are great personal trainers like you who don’t get the clients that you deserve.  

And there are clients like you, hard working and dedicated, that struggle to get results and maintain them.                             

My business is about providing world class information and ongoing support to help trainers like you get more clients and become truly exceptional, and to empower clients to break plateaus and get results that last a lifetime.

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Look forward to helping you.



  • I recommend Primal PT to anyone who wants to improve their health, get stronger, fitter and leaner or just generally feel better.

    Elina, Perth

  • Thanks once again for all your help! I really needed that motivation to get started back when I first arrived, the nutritional advice was great and exercises in my arsenal now which has added a lot of variety! Karl, lost a total of 14kgs in less than 3 months with Primal PT.


  • Over the past two years, my muscle and core strength has increased significantly and my overall physique has taken a shape that I’ve never known before.

    James, Perth

  • My advice to anyone reading this; select the right health & fitness professional the first time to avoid wasting time, effort and money on the mediocre.

    Chrissie, Perth