Are you an ambiturner?

This morning I turned right…


Ever seen the Movie Zoolander?


Ok unless you have been living under a rock

you probably have


Blue steel


The black lung


And remember Derek Zoolander is an




He can’t turn right


Same as me


See every morning here is my HABIT when I

wake up


Get out of bed


Turn left


Grab phone


Go to the toilet


Check emails/ messages


Then try and do meditation


What’s your routine


Problem is I check emails and literally from

the second I wake


I’m in work mode


And often STRESS mode


My meditations are mostly filled with

thoughts about work


But today my friend


I turned right


Went straight to the toilet


Straight into meditation


Sounds like a small thing


It’s a MASSIVE thing


Because what you have, who you are, what

shape you are in


Is related only to one thing


Your daily habits


What you do every day becomes you


You can’t argue it


What are the daily habits that hold you back?


  • For having a better body/ health
  • Being less stressed
  • Having a better relationship with your partner


Don’t know?




You do know


Changing them is the hard part


Part of the reason I made this video series

for you


The final video films today


Monday I will send you all 5


You NEED to watch them if you want anything

to change for you


Seriously this is unlike anything I have done



Simple yet incredibly powerful


You excited mate?


Dave “Ambiturner” Bayens




I filmed the video I spoke about yesterday too


“Stripped Bare”


That will be coming too


This will confronting to watch


But I think it will change the world

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