Goal setting and daily actions

Putting it all together,


Sent a few different emails over the last 2 weeks

About goal setting and daily actions


This email puts it all together for you with an example from

My client steve


Step 1-


Complete this form




  • Identify your goals (but don’t become obsessed with this)
  • Identify your WHY/ emotional reason for doing what you do
    • This will help you get through the valley of despair
  • Identify why you have failed or will fail
  • Turn this around to have a clear list of what you need to do to succeed


Then the MOST IMPORTANT step


Identify the daily actions you need to do to get to your goal


Here is an example from my client Steve


Steve’s WHY is


“I just want to be able to look in the mirror or take my shirt off down the beach and think to myself” it’s been fuckin hard work but I have earned it.”


The thing that really causes him to FAIL is stress


And his two DAILY actions are


Finish work at 5.30pm

Do 30 seconds of stretching (hamstrings)



Step 2-


Use this daily action form




Write down the daily actions you have committed to somewhere


Put them in this form (so save it as a bookmark)


Assess if you have done them each day

If you didn’t that is ok but identify what you immediately need to change


This seems simple but is CRITICAL to

Turning these daily actions into HABITS that become automatic


You become what you do every day.

So take the 10 mins to do the goal setting and the 30 seconds each day to complete the form


It will make a huge difference


Here is an example from Steve yesterday


Daily action


“Finished work at 5.30pm. Walked my dog between 5.45 and 6.15.Didn’t stretch. Will pick that change up today.”


I then told Steve to set a cue for stretching.

Something that always happens to remind him to stretch

Like turning on the computer in the morning


This is the quickest way to build a habit


Feel free to discuss with me if you’re struggling or don’t understand anything




P.s cookie recipe is coming tomorrow

Worth the wait I promise


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