Have you got it backwards?

What I see currently is a massive focus on being lean with disregard for health.

For example taking pre workouts with an excessive amount of pretty much everything, only having 6 hours sleep because they need to do cardio in the morning, injecting hormones having no idea about the effects on the body (apart from knowing it will get them leaner), eating really low calorie diets, eating junk food if it fits your macros etc.

And the irony is that the more unhealthy you become, the harder it is to be lean. So yes you can get leaner but if it negatively effects your health it will not be sustainable.

What I believe people should focus on and what my business is about is finding ways to make you leaner by improving your health.

Getting enough sleep, improving your digestion, training harder and smarter, improving your hormones naturally, being happier and less stressed will all make you leaner.

So put your health first and know that with time being lean will follow.

Doing anything to get lean at the expense of your health will not lead to results in the long run and often not even in the short run.


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