Last Chance Training to support the McGrath Foundation

Chrissie along with Primal PT are holding a last chance training session before Chrissie competes in March. All earnings from the event will be donated to the McGrath Foundation. Attend the group fitness class run by myself on the 9th March at the Zone Fitness Center at 10.30am for only $10, or click here to donate if you are unable to attend the class. Please contact Chrissie via email – or phone – 9360 2318 to register to attend the fitness class.


Breast cancer is a disease that is very close to my heart. My mother passed away from the disease when I was 12 years old so I am passionate about helping people with breast cancer and their families. Chrissie has also had family members fight the disease, here is a little bit of her story –

“Both of my Aunty’s had Breast Cancer. They both fought it, and won.

But others aren’t so lucky. We hear statistics all the time – but lets not forget that behind every statistic, lies a women with a husband, best friend, parents, siblings and sometimes, children.

A cancer diagnoses affects more than one person. And even if the battle is eventually won, treatment is a life-changing event: not only for the diagnosed, but for each individual support crew member too.

This is where the work of the McGrath foundation nurses step in, listening, answering questions, caring and assisting breast cancer patients, thus alleviating family pressures, & allowing a woman to continue being the mum, sister, wife, & best friend they are, whilst recovering.

My aunty’s both fought their battle without this help. But it would’ve made a huge difference to that particular chunk of their life, had there been specialised help available. To receive a ‘boost’ from those in the know, can transform one’s outlook from a negative, to a positive, not only improving quality of life, but laying the foundation for a more efficient recovery.

From someone who has seen a-cancer-aftermath, mark-my-word, the McGrath Foundation is an extremely worthy cause.”

So come along and support this great cause and get in a great workout in the meantime!

And finally here is a great article on some ways to help prevent breast cancer by Charles Poliquin

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