Late (sorry) reply to your email

I did get your question yesterday but had a

few things on


You wanted to know what you actually get when

you join the program


It’s a fair question as I know $3,500 for a

month is a bit of money


Now I ani’t going to start rattling off

BORING and USELESS crap like;


  • An individual diet plan you won’t follow


You have had them before. They didn’t work

then why the fuck would they work now?


  • Training sessions that any PT with an 8 week course could deliver


  • A promise of a 6 week 6 pack with a before and after photo of the one client who was willing to eat tuna and veggies


You don’t see the other 20 people that FAILED

and hated every second of it


What you actually get is;


1) To work with someone who gets your daily



  • Your TIME and ENERGY being at the MERCY of others
  • The people around you are not of the same MINDSET and drag you down
  • Niggling injuries that never go away
  • ALWAYS waking up tired and feeling like your chasing your tail
  • Lack of confidence in your body
  • Sitting awake at night thinking about your business while your wife is asleep (unfucked by you)


2) A solution to the problem you have right now


  • You don’t know what to do to change
  • Even once you do, you have no one to be accountable to
  • Your not connected to others just like you


And more importantly what you DON’T miss out on doing my program


The limited free time you have, in fact you

will GAIN shit loads of time


The freedom to eat out and be restricted to

some stupid diet plan


Don’t worry, I actually ENCOURAGE you to eat

out more


And you will lose more weight doing this than

eating tuna and broccoli


Now ok your still thinking yeah yeah yeah but

what do I actually get?


The honest answer


It’s not set in STONE


I’m a coach.


I will adjust based on what I

see and what you actually need mate


Why they fuck would I promise things that you

might not need?


That could overwhelm you?


But to ease your mind at a MINIMUM in the

first month you get


– 30 min call with me to make sure your ready

and get clear on what you need to do


– 2 hour consult to;


A no BULLSHIT assessment of where you are at with;


  • Your body
  • Your mind
  • Your relationships

And what the fuck you really want


Then figure out the major roadblock stopping you getting there


From 10 years experience there will be one MAJOR thing



  • Portion control
  • Lack of cardio
  • The few bad meals a week you eat

Most likely it will be an issue with;


  • You mind (not that your crazy)
  • Your sleep
  • Your body/ posture
  • Your hormones/ deficiency in 1-2 key nutrients

And I will figure it out fast for you. Saving you loads of time and MONEY


+ do your posturology 

(valued at $1,000 with insoles)


This will change your posture and get you out of pain faster than

you will believe. It is ESSENTIAL to get the best results


Because if you get INJURED or you can’t move properly




– Access to my private members forum


Where you can download training programs,

videos and connect to other members


– A group training session


So I can show you how to train like a PRO


And connect you with the other members


– Access to software which will force you to track your daily actions


We will have a group call to show you how to

do this And so you can commit your actions to

the other members


Trust me it’s insane


– A special “package” sent to your door


Filled with things which will help you and

that you will love


I ani’t going to tell you whats in it.


I want it to be a surprise


– A 100% money back guarantee


If you don’t LOVE the program and get results

(better body, more energy, more sex, calmer



I will give you your money back


I’m not about taking on 20 clients and

getting results for 1




I have set up a program that is fool proof

and fail safe once we get past the first call


You will get results


You won’t lose the things you love (except

money which you will make back anyway)


Because when you in shape, have endless energy, getting more sex


You feel awesome and you MAKE MORE MONEY


And you will DECIMATE your competition who are grinding themselves to the ground


They won’t be able to touch you


Because you’ll be ON FIRE


People will be begging you to tell them what your doing


I will put everything I have into you mate


But I won’t blow smoke up your ass


Your here because you NEED my help and there

are things you are SUCKING at right now


Or else I would be on your email list reading

how to get in shape


So that’s what you get mate


If you want in click here


If you don’t you either don’t want what I’m

offering and I don’t understand your

problem….hit unsubscribe


Or you don’t TRUST that I can deliver what I



As I said 100% money back guarantee.


But if your still afraid you will get ripped

off or that I’m not legit just hang around.


I will share the case studies when I have

proven the program over and over


But it WILL get more expensive each intake


Dave “Thanks for your email” Bayens




I know you didn’t actually email me


But you were thinking about what you get


So this saves you the time


Here’s the link again to book the first call


What have you got to lose?​

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