Transform your body with the Ultimate Personal Training Package. Combining strength training, Stretch to Win and Nutrition for 12 weeks to achieve results you never thought possible. 

 Our Personal Training packages include:

  • Stretching and soft tissue mobilisation every session, to reduce injuries and improve movement
  • Simple, illustrated training programs which only take 40 minutes
  • Nutrition advice without strict diets
  • Challenging but achievable training sessions 2x per week with one of Perth's most experienced trainers
  • Advanced techniques such as muscle activation and postural aligning insoles to get you results faster



Dave is the best personal trainer I have come across. He has a world of knowledge, doesn’t judge you and there is not a single question he cannot answer. I have been training with him for the last year and a half, when I first saw him I was completely lost and didn’t know a single thing. I thought running hours and hours on a treadmill and eating very little was the best way. He has taught me how to listen and trust my body and not overdo it. I would recommend him to anyone.

You are truly a wonderful trainer. I could go on about how fantastic you are. You should definitely feel very proud of yourself.

Luca - Pain free and lost 5kgs in 10 weeks

"I used to have a pretty active life, I did a few triathlon races and swim marathons, but a few years ago an unlucky loop started.

I twisted an ankle and I didn't give it enough time to heal. Walking badly on the ankle caused lower back pain, the lower back pain promoted mid back pain and up to the neck. Adding to this, long hours sitting in front of the PC or checking the phone, the scenario became catastrophic.

Lifting a 5kg kettle-bell meant suffering days of lower back pain. Swimming 300mt caused the mid back and neck pain for weeks, not to mention the nightmare trying to do a 1km run.

I was terrified to sneeze or squat to pick something up from the floor. Dropping the soap in the shower resulted in tears, literally.

Before I met Dave every hope was gone, looking at myself in the mirror was like looking at someone else. I was doomed for a sedentary life of pain and more than aware that age was not on my side. I believe that I was lucky, I googled the right set of words, and I won the lotto because the result was Primal PT.

Dave listened, analysed, evaluated and put together a strategy. I immediately loved his logic and rational approach, nothing is left to chance. If and when Dave thinks that external help is required, because it’s not his field, he is more than happy to direct me to the right person.

Today, after 10 weeks of strength training and Stretch to Win, I can ride my bike for 80km easy, I can run 5km pain free, swim for 3km and deadlift almost my body weight.

I just regret not meeting Dave years ago, and can only thank him for the professional attitude and the help I’ve received so far."


Karl lost 10kgs in 12 weeks.

Chrissie Places 2nd in INBA and competes at world championships


Elina lost over 5% body fat preparing for a photo shoot.

John gaining 5kgs and losing 6% body for to be featured as "Mr December" in fireman's calendar


Nat lost 10kgs while gaining 3.5kgs of lean muscle.


Training with Dave has given me the opportunity to understand and learn whats best for me and what I specifically need to do to improve my fitness and overall lifestyle. He has introduced me to a whole new way of training and continues to challenge me to reach my goals both mentally and physically on a weekly basis. My whole body has transformed and I have not only become leaner and gained greater strength, I now feel comfortable at the gym and truly enjoy working out. I’m fitter, healthier and have more energy than ever before and because of this, I have no hesitations in recommending Dave as a trainer.


Training with you is amazing, as you know when to push me to my limits and when to respect my boundaries. You are very patient with me and have taught me to appreciate progress and see that progress is often more than what you see on the scale. I do not feel pressured by you (as I have done with other trainers) but rather respected, supported and guided by your vast knowledge and experience, while I learn and apply what works for me. You have taught me to take personal ownership of my health, and I am so grateful to have you in my corner!!! 


I can't begin to list all of the things that have changed in my life since I started training with Dave, but the standouts for me would be a positive mindset and a holistic outlook on a healthy life, not to mention he is a sure thing for results. I would (and do) recommend Primal PT to everyone.