Restore flexibility, reduce injuries and eliminate pain with Stretch to Win

  • Assisted, pain free stretching ideal for tightness which never releases with normal stretching.
  • Regarded as the world's most effective stretching technique.

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Benefits of Stretch to Win:

  • Improve breathing and relaxation
  • Stretching is painless
  • Assisted stretching allows for extremely effective movements and stretch positions
  • Entire lines of fascia are stretched
  • Joints are mobilised to allow for greater flexibility gains
  • Up to 50% flexibility can be gained in 1 session

 Conditions I commonly treat:

  • Chronic tightness around the hips
  • Lower back pain
  • Active people needing increased mobility
  • Pinching though front of hips


Mark Gomes Wins 400m World Senior Championships

"Dave Bayens got me ready for my Gold medal performance at the Masters World Track & Field Championships. The best in Australia! Thanks Dave!!!" 

"I used to have a pretty active life, I did a few triathlon races and swim marathons, but a few years ago an unlucky loop started.

I twisted an ankle and I didn't give it enough time to heal. Walking badly on the ankle caused lower back pain, the lower back pain promoted mid back pain and up to the neck. Adding to this, long hours sitting in front of the PC or checking the phone, the scenario became catastrophic.

Lifting a 5kg kettle-bell meant suffering days of lower back pain. Swimming 300mt caused the mid back and neck pain for weeks, not to mention the nightmare trying to do a 1km run.

I was terrified to sneeze or squat to pick something up from the floor. Dropping the soap in the shower resulted in tears, literally.

Before I met Dave every hope was gone, looking at myself in the mirror was like looking at someone else. I was doomed for a sedentary life of pain and more than aware that age was not on my side. I believe that I was lucky, I googled the right set of words, and I won the lotto because the result was Primal PT.

Dave listened, analysed, evaluated and put together a strategy. I immediately loved his logic and rational approach, nothing is left to chance. If and when Dave thinks that external help is required, because it’s not his field, he is more than happy to direct me to the right person.

Today, after 10 weeks of strength training and Stretch to Win, I can ride my bike for 80km easy, I can run 5km pain free, swim for 3km and deadlift almost my body weight.

I just regret not meeting Dave years ago, and can only thank him for the professional attitude and the help I’ve received so far."


Crippling lower back issue corrected with Stretch to Win

"After the first session, as soon as I got off the table I noticed a significant difference in my pain. I can't thank Dave enough for helping me with my lower back pain which I have had for over 6 months."

Mark's had lower back pain for 20 years

"After suffering from lower back pain in various severity for many years, I decided to see Dave Bayens after discovering he was a practitioner in ART, Stretch To Win and Posturology.
At the completion of the first session, I was surprised how much flexibility I had regained in my lower back and how relaxed I felt. After the third session, almost all the tightness was gone from my back and I was experiencing flexibility in my back and hamstrings that I hadn't had for many years.
Dave is very thorough, generous with his time and extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend if anyone is suffering from any injury, old or new, go and see Dave. You won't be disappointed."

First time in 4 years, no back or neck pain...

"Thanks, this is a big thing for me. One Stretch to Win session is like 1 year of stretching." 

Chronic patellar tendonitis resolved with Stretch to Win

"Within 2 months of getting Stretch to Win, my patellar tendonitis has resolved completely."


How Stretch to Win helped Ash get back on his bike after a prolapsed disc

"Since seeing Dave my flexibility and how I wake up every morning is much improved. It's helped me train for triathlon without pain or restriction which I didn't think was possible 12 months ago"

"I noticed immediately I could breath more easily. My hip flexor range has improved so I can squat and lunge better. It's taken away long term restrictions. I'd highly recommend Stretch to Win to anyone and currently get it done once a week"

Personal trainer Matt Venter on the benefits of Stretch to Win

"Stretch to Win has taught me how to stretch correctly, I used to believe that the more it hurt the better stretching was. The assisted stretch allows me to get into positions and do stretches that I can't ever do on my own."

Fitness competitor Bec on how Stretch to Win helped her prepare for competition

"Stretch to Win allowed me to recover for my fitness competition which I placed 3rd in an international  field. My squats and overall movement has improved out of sight. Thanks Dave."


A typical session involves;

  • 1 hour of stretching, joint mobilisation and breathing.
  • It is common for 50% range of motion to be restored in the first session. 

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For more information or to make a booking

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