Stretch to Win is a fully assisted stretching technique ideal for releasing tightness, injuries and stress.


Mark Gomes Wins 400m World Seniors Championships

"Dave Bayens got me ready for Gold medal performance at the Masters World Track & Field Championships. The best in Australia! Thanks Dave!!!" 

Crippling lower back issue corrected with Stretch to Win

"After the first session as soon as I got off the table I noticed a significant difference in my pain. I can't thank Dave enough for helping me with my lower back pain which I have for over 6 months."

Mark - Lower back for for 20 years

"After suffering from lower back pain in various severity for many years, I decided to see Dave Bayens after discovering he was a practitioner in ART, Stretch To Win and Posturology.
At the completion of the first session, I was surprised how much flexibility I had regained in my lower back and how relaxed I felt. After the third session, almost all the tightness was gone from my back and I was experiencing flexibility in my back and hamstrings that I hadn't had for many years.
Dave is very thorough, generous with his time and extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend if anyone is suffering from any injury, old or new, go and see Dave. You won't be disappointed."

First time in 4 years, no back pain or neck pain.

"Thanks, this is a big thing for me. One stretch to win session is like 1 year of stretching." 

What Julie, a chronic headache sufferer said after first treatment

"I have just gone 24 hrs without analgesia. I’m over the moon & so grateful for what you did." 

Chronic patellar tendonitis resolved with Stretch to Win

"Within 2 months of getting Stretch to Win my patellar tendonitis has resolved completely"


How Stretch to Win helped Ash get back on his bike after prolapsed disc

"Since seeing Dave my flexibility and how I wake up every morning is much improved."

Hear how Stretch to Win has helped Kirsten run and squat better

"I noticed immediately I could breath more easily. My hip flexor range has improved so I can squat and lunge better. I'd highly recommend Stretch to Win to anyone."

Personal trainer Matt Venter on the benefits in stretch to win.

"Stretch to Win has taught me how to stretch correctly. During the sessions you can really feel the areas that need stretching and exactly how to stretch them correctly."

Fitness competitor Bec on how Stretch to Win helped her prepare for competition.

"Stretch to win allowed me to recover for my fitness competition which I placed 3rd in an international  field. My squats and overall movement has improved out of sight Thanks Dave."


My office is located inside Goodlife Myaree

Initial appointment includes ongoing stretches with videos to ensure lasting results.

Issues I commonly treat are;

  • Patellar tendonitis
  • Lower back pain
  • Tight hip flexors
  • Calf tightness
  • Tension Headaches
  • Rotator cuff and shoulder issues
  • General muscle tightness and restriction