The fake tan trainer and the fat girl

And the 9 things that actually make a

difference to results


Training a cliento yesterday


Overheard this trainer


let’ call him “fake tan trainer”


Typical burden on the industry type dude


You know the ones


– Takes steroids

– Knows how to get himself results (while using steroids)

– Gives more of a fuck about making money than actually helping people


Talking to a new client




Bout 40kgs overweight


Looked like the first time she had stepped

into the gym


Intimidated already




But had at least taken the first step


This fake tan trainer says


“So post training you need to eat 100g of

carbs from fruit. Exactly 35 minutes after

the workout Any fruit but you can’t have

pineapple or apples. These have a ratio of

sucrose to fructose that is too high.”


Fuck me


Dude I have been a trainer for 10 years


I would be confused


And definitely would not have done it


The trainer was really trying to say


“Look at how much I know and check out my tan”


I’m going to be honest. I used to be like

this (apart from the tan, white as fuck)


Did all the courses. Knew it all.


Had clients come in for consults charging

over $300 an hour.


Tried to blow their minds with info they had

never heard.


Actually just blew their minds by OVERWHELMING



And feeding their beliefs that they needed a magic

pill. Or they were missing something


You really think that fat girl needs to worry

about the sucrose to fructose ratio of post

workout carbs?


You really think you need to worry about half

the bullshit you are fed by the gurus?


No dude you don’t………


A great coach makes things MORE SIMPLE


Gives you confidence


And inspires you to take ACTION


Daily action


Action that will actually make a difference




– Training better consistently

– Overcoming MAJOR roadblocks

– Helping you improve every day


So if your looking for the minor details…..


to become more confused and PARALYSED by

excess info


more excuses to NOT take action


Then leave now. I’m not the coach for you


Go pay the fake tan fruit trainer
he will charge you $70 for 45
mins of his USELESS time


If you want someone to


– tell you the truth

– make your training simpler (not easier you still gotta train hard)

– not try and impress you with knowledge and useless facts


Then get on board mate


Price goes up on in 4 days

from $69 a month to $89 a month


Cauze it’s worth it

and I don’t want to attract cheap people

to this program


Cheap people NEVER get results

will tell you bout that another time mate


Dave “Fruit ninja” Bayens




Next brodcast will be on


“The 9 things that actually make a difference to results”


HOT TIP: Sucrose to fructose ratio is not one of them


Want to take a guess at what any of them are??


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