The painfully raw story of why I’m not running my event

Have you ever had an idea you were super

excited about?


Knowing it would change lives if you could

pull it off


Put everything you had into it


And it failed?


Yep me too


I was desperate to run “The Mind Untangled”


I’m doing a coaching program which cost me 5k


What I learned has starting turning my life

and business around


I can leave work and actually switch off my



My relationship with my partner is the best

it’s been in years


I’m making routines which will be habits soon

enough which are making me happier and more



And my ENERGY was through the roof


I wanted to share this with you


So I threw myself and my idea out there


See I’m pretty IMPUSLIVE


Did what 99% of PT’s won’t do


Run a talk and actually charge good money for

it to attract motivated people


I spent $320 on flyers


$400 on facebook ads


Sent emails every single day to help you


In the last 5 weeks I have filmed now 13

videos on mindset and the books I have read

and summarized


(Just about to film number 14 called “The one thing”)


Ran a section of the talk to the trainers at

my gym each week which they love


Did 2 demos for posturology and to my chiro

(which was scary as fuck)


Spent 5k on a course in Arizona in January


I’m sure you put the same DEDICATION and

PASSION into what you do as well right?


But only 3 people registered for the talk


I sent emails to 4 different managers at my

gym to try and book a venue (which no one

replied to)


My energy levels started dropping


I started doubting myself


Old habits started creeping back in


Self doubt






“What will everyone think of me if I don’t do

the talk”


But then I realised (by doing something

called the work)….


That you would totally understand


Understand what it’s like having a business


Trying to be different


Taking risks


Some paying off and others failing


So I’m not doing the talk


The people registered are getting something

worth MORE than the cost of the event (or a

full refund)


And I’m actually proud of myself for doing





The old me would have stayed stressed and

drained for the next 3 weeks


Maybe sold 3-4 more seat or might not have


Burned myself out and given up. Stopped for



Instead I’m putting my ENERGY first


I learned a lesson (actually learned lots)


And I will keep moving forward instead of

grinding to a HALT


I 100% believe in the info I was going to

talk about


So instead I’m going to make a module that

delivers the info in a different way


I get that a live event is tough;


– if you can’t make that day

– you don’t know who is coming or if anyone is coming

– you don’t really know me that well so don’t know what to expect

– you’ve probably been to LOADS of seminars and think this would be the same


So I don’t blame you


It’s my fault you didn’t register. I’m not

good enough at selling yet


Honestly I’m a great trainer and an average marketer


It will take me a few days to put everything
together for the new modules


Until then I’m going to sell you on something

else which you should do


Which no one else in Australia except some of

my clients are doing


In a few short weeks the results are



Which does in fact tie into even your mental



And will get you out of pain permanently,

improve your movement and even your hormones




For now check out this link for some basic



Will share some case studies with you and tell you

more in the next few days mate


And stay tuned for what’s coming with the mindset



Thanks for understanding


Know that your not the only one who has ideas

and passion, puts it out there


And fails…


The key is to keep moving FORWARDS


Same in fact goes for getting in shape


And you can only do this when your mind is right


Dave “Your not alone” Bayens

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