Why I hate Fakebook (why I email)

Yesterday I put up a post on Facebook


Aka Fakebook


Aka Lazybook


You might have seen it?


(I copied it at the bottom for you in case you



people “liked” it


But here’s the truth…….


Not one of them joined the email list to find

out more and get the videos


So they clicked “like”


Then did nothing except continue to scroll

though Fakebook


looking for easy and free

solution to their problems


Hoping for some miracle they have missed somehow


SEDATING themselves


Or getting involved in other peoples



Sounds harsh but it’s true


This is the MASSIVE problem with Fakebook


It is a cest pit of bullshit, sedation and



Creating a false reality of the world


Making people feel better about themselves

short term with motivational quotes


Reading some “tips” a PT posts with a shot of their abs

(who doesn’t post about their steroid abuse)


But ultimately taking NO ACTION


Except clicking “like”


Or commenting and getting drawn into some

argument with other idiots


Wasting time and energy


(which is why I email you instead)


And not doing what you actually need to do

which is………


*Write this down*


Get clear on where you are at right now.

No bullshit


Your body. Your mind. Your relationships.

Your work


Get clear on exactly what you want and WHY

this is so important


Which creates an emotional driver to keep you

going when you feel like shit


Get clear on the DAILY steps you need to

take to get there and actually DO IT


Action leads to results simple as that


Increase your ENERGY levels so you can do

what you said you would


Watch the video on the CORE 4


Because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to do what you need

to do if your tired and burned out


It’s why you FAIL


This is what I cover in detail in my videos


Which all those Fakebook “likers” could have

been watching instead of scrolling and liking


Now I know your different as your on this list


But you still havn’t taken the CRITICAL step

to watch the videos and apply the above info


It’s what some people are actually doing

right now (and reaping the rewards)


The videos are on the sales page




Watch them


Apply it (by doing the form at the end)


See what happens


When you get a taste of how

much can change just by doing this


You WILL click the link again




And join the program


Like a DRUG you will want more (but there is no come down)


Dave “You don’t need to like this post” Bayens



Here’s the post


Right I’m just going to go ahead and put this out there

I’m launching the most expensive and radical program in the country with the first ever month starting in 3 weeks

It’s for highly successful people who lack a body they love, great relationships with their partners and who can’t switch off their brain from “work mode”

And yep I’m one of them……

In the last 3 weeks I have applied just some of what I will teach in my program and my life has changed

My energy is ridic

I’m pain free

I’m focused

I have sent daily messages to Elle every day

I’m doing what I said I would do

I have produced some of the best content for current clients EVER

And there is WAY more to come

And I want to help others feel the same

So I made a 1 year program (as this is how long it will take)

To COMPLETELY transform;

– Your body

– Your health

– Your pain

– Movement

– Your mental state

– Your energy

– The amount of sex you get

– The relationship with everyone around you

Yes it’s expensive

But it’s worth every cent. I’m one of the top 10 trainers in the country

I have spent over 40k this year alone on courses

The clients I take on WILL get stunning results or they get their money back

This program is unlike anything else that is out there

If you want to find out more (and get 5 free vids to see some of what I made this week)

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