You need to leave

Like right now,


if you’re an……


Excuse maker


I didn’t train this week as my cat mittens was sick”


Just fucking go


I don’t like cats much either.

More of a dog guy


Had a dog called max

one of the all time greats


Kidding you can stay if you have a cat

unless it’s name is mittens



you think there are too many emails


Means you don’t read them

or do anything with the free info I send to you

every day


And you certainly won’t read the paid emails


Or do the work needed to get results


And I don’t want your money

unless you get results


Take steroids


I think steroids are for



and are a BURDEN on the whole industry


and I don’t work with people who take them.


Are a meathead


Common characteristics

  • Walk around the gym like a dickhead
  • Train like a muppet
  • Talk to your meathead mates more than actual training

You have been on this list for over a week

and not done 1 challenge


If you have not done one yet,

means you never will

I only work with action takers


Are a cheapskate


And the only reason you have not signed up yet

is the $18 a week


Get lost you cheap fuck


You get what you pay for

I’m one of the best trainers

in Perth

if not the best


$18 a week is fuck all


And it will only get more expensive

as right now the program


too cheap for what you get


Course whatever rate you join on

stays the same


Go for the dockers


You’re team sucks and I don’t work with freo supporters


Go the eagles


Just kidding you purple pansies can hang round


The game last week was pretty good right?


If you are easily offended and can’t handle some T bombs


Aka the truth


I ain’t going to blow smoke up your ass


Tell you how great you are all the time


I will tell you the truth


The truth is right now you can train better

Dude I’m in the same boat


Ok think that is it


If this is you


Hit unsubscribe NOW


The Troy Project Unleashed starts Monday


And I only want the right people involved


Dave “Matty Pavlich sucks” Bayens


P.s once you hit unsubscribe you are gone



I block you from ever resubscribing
I figure if you are a meathead d bag
you probably always will be


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